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You might be a redneck if… Your husband lights birthday candles with a torch or your friend is just old. Happy Birthday Marty! Advertisements

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Oh Deer

I don’t even know what to say but I am thinking of a good venison steak. This deer is neither cute nor my friend and if I wouldn’t get arrested I would eat her up. She has eaten my peas … Continue reading

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My Two Dads

When I was born I had the world’s most wonderful mother and the world’s most wonderful father. I was one lucky girl I tell ya. My dad he taught me to fish, how to punch without breaking my thumb, and … Continue reading

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Chocolate Play Dough

This recipe is so easy. I am always amazed that more people haven’t heard of it. We got it off a Veggie Tales Movie. I can’t remember which one but it was after a quiz. Chocolate play dough is so … Continue reading

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My Frugal Top Ten

   There are a million ways to save money. Not everything will work for everyone but this is top of  the list of what we do to save money in our home. Use cloth diapers and wipes Shop Used clothes, … Continue reading

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Finished these

  Since I love to see what other people read I thought that I would post my book list of what I have finished reading this year. I try to read the Bible daily so I wouldnt usually include it in … Continue reading

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It Smells like…

Grace smells these georgeous roses and says, “Smells like Carrots.” What Carrots? What kind of carrots has she been eating? These rose oh I wish I could insert a scratch and sniff of them. So lovely. Makes my house smell … Continue reading

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