Enchanted Forrest



Today we went on a home school field trip to the Enchanted Forrest. My mom who is still homeschooling my two youngest sisters invited us along and then they all helped corral all my kids. Aren’t they so nice? Abby and Elizabeth remembered the last time we went to the Enchanted Forrest four years ago when they were 2 and 4 years old. I was amazed as Elizabeth retold the story of how she repeatedly dropped her sippy cup in the moat that goes around the castle and how Uncle Jeff retrieved it over and over. She told me this as we pulled into the parking lot. We went through storybook land and Abby read some of the poems. Hannah was scared of the dark witch slide. And I still felt claustrophobic of the rabbit hole. Then we came to the old west which I really enjoyed. My favorite Part is the silly signs. DR. U.R. Hurtin. In 1997 Nothing Happened Here. The girls had a picture with Abe Lincoln. We enjoyed the water show with some popcorn and nachos from Grandma Sherri. Lastly the girls went down the shoe slide so many times that the worker manning the slide learned all their names. We had skipped it the first time because so many kids were going down and we came back to it we basically had it to ourselves. I think that is what I love the most about home school field trips you’re not so rushed or crowded as I remember school trips being. So tell me what was your favorite field trip?

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2 Responses to Enchanted Forrest

  1. momtoseven says:

    Your picture turned out good, and you can even see Grace! I had a good time yesterday too!! Thanks for going with us!!

  2. Larissa says:

    I have never been brave enough to go on a true field trip with my kids. I am still not confident with some of the children’s attitude issues and since I am not actually homeschooling I haven’t gone on one yet. I remember when my mom homeschooled me and my brother and sister. My favorite field trip was the dinosaur museum and the Fairyland in Oakland, CA.

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