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  Since I love to see what other people read I thought that I would post my book list of what I have finished reading this year. I try to read the Bible daily so I wouldnt usually include it in this list but January 1st I started the 90 day reading plan and I actually finished it on time. I am continuing to read the Bible most everyday just at a slower pace then that reading plan allows. I dont know if I will read through the Bible that fast again but I am really glad I did.  I started keeping a list of the books I finished in 2003. 

Drawn From New England Tasha Tudor    by Bethany Tudor

Up Grade   by Kevin Swanson

Stepping Heavenward By Mrs. E. Prentiss

Education of a Wandering Man   by Louis Lamoure

Little Britches    by Ralph Moody

Little Heathens     by Mildred Aimstong Kalish

Rebecca Collection American Girl

So Much More    by Anna Sofia & Elizabeth Botkin

Love on a Diet      by Wendy Jueb

A Bride Goes West     by Nanny T Alderson & Helena Huttington Smith

Kristen Collection American Girl

A Biography Laura Ingalls Wilder   by William Anderson

Holy Bible  

Emma    by Jane Austen

Raising Maidens of Virtue    by Stacy McDonald

Carry On, MR. Bowditch   by Jean Lee Latham

Created for Work   by Bob Schultz

The Secret Garden   by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Do you keep track of what you read?

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