My Frugal Top Ten


 There are a million ways to save money. Not everything will work for everyone but this is top of  the list of what we do to save money in our home.

  1. Use cloth diapers and wipes
  2. Shop Used clothes, book , furniture
  3. Shop according to what on sale. I do this one all wrong. I don’t look at sales fliers first because I don’t get any but I know where the marked down stuff is at in the stores I shop. I look over the good deals buy the best deal and then make my menus at home.
  4. Gardening. Really I can’t give you a ball park if this saves me money or not so this summer I am testing this one out . I am 75 dollars into it and keeping track how much actually makes it into the house. I say what makes it into the house because my kids eat so much out in the garden that I can’t keep track of it. So far only a bowl full of strawberries. I have planted two gardens one at my house and one in my mom’s back yard. Both got Late starts this year due to all the rain.
  5. Canning I did close to a hundred quarts last year. I got a ton of pears for free from a friend.  If you let people know you are canning you’ll be surprised what free food they will give you.
  6. Freezing meals saves me from getting fast food or a box meal at the store. I usually double up a recipe at least once a week.  
  7. Keep water bottles in the car. NO water bottles or sugary drinks are bought at the checkout for us. I try (emphases on try) to fill up our water bottles before we head out anywhere.
  8. Stay home. When I stay home I don’t spend as much. I was going to say I don’t spend anything but I do buy books online.
  9. Learning to do it myself. I love to learn new things so this is easy for me. I have cut Tad’s hair our entire married life. I make laundry soap.  Tad does our car repairs. There are just so many things that we all could do ourselves.
  10. Only buy what you have money for right now. This is huge just the thought of paying interest on anything keeps me from over spending.

What is your best way to save money?

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4 Responses to My Frugal Top Ten

  1. oh amanda says:

    Good ideas—doing more for yourself. That’s such a simple idea but sometimes I forget. And this year I’m going to can SOMETHING from our garden. Even if it’s only one tiny tomato! 🙂

  2. jae says:

    doing the gardening thing myself!

  3. momtoseven says:

    Thanks for planting my garden! I love reading your blog, keep it coming.

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