My Two Dads

When I was born I had the world’s most wonderful mother and the world’s most wonderful father. I was one lucky girl I tell ya. My dad he taught me to fish, how to punch without breaking my thumb, and to be kind to my siblings. My dad would carry me on his shoulders when I was too big to be carried. My dad spanked me when I told him I had run away from home but came back because I was bored. It was good for me I never did it again. He was my hero. He would rescue me when I climbed to high in the tree and was too scared to come back down. He was the most wonderful dad ever. But then when I was 9 years old he died, vanished from my life forever. Life goes on and we had to learn to live without him. Luckily for me God saw fit to give me a new dad. Dave danced with us kids in the pizza parlor. He mopped our kitchen floor and came to my violin recital. I’m still surprised that didn’t scare him away. When I was 11 years old Dave married my mom. He became dad to all 5 of us kids. My new dad is the greatest. He taught me about quality and YKK zippers. He taught me to save money. He drove me to volleyball practice at 5am. He took me snowboarding and taught me to drive a stick shift. He paid for my private schooling and listened when I wanted to be homeschooled and let me come home. He helped with my math. He actually uses that stuff at work. My new dad encouraged me in college and walked me down the aisle at my wedding. He drove from Oregon to Wyoming to help us move into our new house then a year later he drove back to help us move to Washington State. He is still always there. I ask his advice weekly. Now he is Crampa to 13 grandkids. Five of which are mine. He is the greatest Dad. I think back over my life and I have become thankful for all of what God has done. Yes, I miss my first dad. He was wonderful. But God gave me a new dad who is great.

Thank you dad for all you have done for our family.

*Crampa is not a spelling error it is how my kids say Grandpa.

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1 Response to My Two Dads

  1. Sarah says:

    lovely post, Becky. You made me cry! 😉 Your parents story is such an encouragement to me. It is nice to remember that if my Beloved died, God would still provide for my and my children’s needs! … and sometimes I just need to stop and remember how truly blessed I am…

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