Oh Deer

I don’t even know what to say but I am thinking of a good venison steak. This deer is neither cute nor my friend and if I wouldn’t get arrested I would eat her up. She has eaten my peas down twice and I only have three tall ones left out of two pea seed bags. She is eating all the leaves off the apple trees that she can reach.

Apparently this doe has made friends with my dog. Our dog, Hope no longer barks at the deer. Hope barks at everything else. It’s bad enough that the deer ate what little of the garden that was actually growing but then she attacked my rose bushes. This is war. We (the kids and I) chased her off 5 times today. But this veggie loving deer came back while Tad was mowing the field tonight. Argh! She won’t leave us be. The only thing she hasn’t touched is the tomatoes that have blight or something wrong with them and the onions. The one thing the kids wanted her to eat.


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2 Responses to Oh Deer

  1. Sherri says:

    Oh, Becky how can you be so mean to Bambi? Invite her into your home and feed her. Really, I am sorry that the deer is eating all your garden. When is hunting season and can you hunt in your own yard?? I do have a dog for you that will bark at that deer!! Beth to the rescue!!! I will get her in the van right now!!

    • Becky says:

      It’s not Bambi it is his mother. But if you are so fond of her I will let you have her and then you can keep your dog Beth too. Still Maybe somebody who reads this wants a lovely black lab. Free to good home Beth the barker. Let see she is 5years old. Can’t say I didnt try.

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