Marion County Fair 2

Sunday morning we headed back to the fair. This time Lilly our bunny joined us. The girls are in 4H. They had done some stuff for the exhibit hall but I think the raising and showing of animals in 4H is where the real benefit is. They are in Cloverbuds which is for grades K-3. All the kids in Cloverbuds get rainbow ribbons instead of a blue, red, or white ribbon. I love that my girls have to stand up there and talk to people other than family members. It is so good for them. Its fun and not half as scary as standing in front of a class of your peers. Can you tell I hated giving reports?

The girls did a rabbit dress up class after the regular show. That was a lot of fun. One girl had her rabbit dressed up as a baby and in a stroller. Yes, it calmly stayed there the whole time. Another girl put her rabbit in a stew pot with veggies. I thought it was very funny.

Here is Elizabeth with one of my sisters rabbits dressed as a maid.

Here is Abby with her rabbit Lilly dressed as a princess.

The girls had a great time showing. The problem with fair is I always want to get more animals. Abby is a little smarter about it than me she thinks of the work it will entail. I can’t recommend 4H enough. It is just a great program.

We did enjoy more ice cream and the petting zoo again. Which led to getting to wash our hands in the clean team trailer again. Thanks Clean team for keeping it cheap for me. My kids didn’t even notice too much that they didn’t get to go on any rides.

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