How I Home School

I have been asked how I home school many times. Some people are home schoolers and want to see how their home school compares. Others think I am crazy or that I am amazingly organized until they come to my house and then they wonder if I educate my kids at all.  But most of us just like to see what it is other people do. I don’t think I have all the best methods. Other people can and do home school better than me. I do what works for us in the here and now.  Next year what I did this year probably won’t work, but something else will. Still the next year I am sure something else entirely else will be best for us.

I don’t follow a strict schedule. I am not even sure you can say I follow a schedule at all. The girls are learning. And that is what matters.

So here goes our school schedule.

Around 8ish we all sit at the table and eat breakfast and as soon as the bowls are cleared away we do our Bible class actually they usually aren’t all off the table. Yep still in our PJ’s. Home school benefit number one. For Bible this year we did Bob Jones 2nd grade Bible Truths. When we finished that we started Character Sketches from Institute in Basic Life Principles. I am really enjoying these books. Thanks Dad and Mom. They were one of my Christmas presents. Yes I do get excited about curriculum for Christmas or my birthday. We use A Beka for everything else.

 9:00 I usually call my mom’s house. Hi mom. Hi Jenny.  Hi Sarah. See I have this need to talk and well I talk. The kids watch a movie and then I shower. When I get out of the shower our day begins in earnest. My shower is like many people’s coffee it wakes me up.

9:30 get kids dressed start laundry always laundry don’t forget laundry

The rest of the day goes something like this:  I tell the girls to do a math lesson. It usually takes an hour when I have both Abby and Elizabeth working at the same time. I dive between children helping with math problems, keeping the younger three from destroying themselves. The house will be a disaster that is a given. I just haven’t found a way to magically do it all. Sorry I know some of you were searching for the magic solution. I don’t have it isn’t in this post.

 So at some point in the morning the younger three will be playing mostly cheerfully and then we quickly do reading before it gets crazy again. If all is going well I have Abby do her language and spelling in the morning but most days she practices her spelling words during nap time. I do have an older girl watch the younger kids while I work with the other older girl. Still I often have a younger child on my lap. I know this would drive some people crazy but I really do like my kids close by.

12:00 lunch the kids all eat while I read a read aloud to them. This is one of my favorite times of the day. I love reading with the kids. Back when I had 3 or less kids we all cuddled on the couch and I read at least an hour pretty much every day but somehow my lap can’t hold more than three and it just works best for the toddler to be locked in the high chair for read aloud. Switch Laundry now!

1:00 Younger three go down for a nap. Grace rarely sleeps but she usually lies down for an hour.

Abby and Elizabeth have chore time and then work on school work that didn’t get done. Sometimes we read more in our read aloud book. We also work on our memory verses in the afternoon but mostly it is play time. I know you are worried about those missing subjects. History, Science, PE, Music, and whatever else one needs to know in life. This post is just what we do every school day. We do History and Science mostly in the summer. Yep we school year round just more relaxed in the summer.

 So that is the jest of our school day.

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  1. Kristin says:

    Glad to know that I’m not the only one with a schedule like that! Love it! Makes me feel like maybe I’m doing ok :). It’s nice to be reading your blog- kinda cool to get to know you a little better since getting together with anyone seems impossible. 🙂

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