I am just going to be honest here and admit that the reason I haven’t updated my blog is because I haven’t been taking pictures, just too lazy to break out the camera. It really isn’t all that hard but I have been going all kinds of fun places and well I actually watch the kids better without the camera in front of my face. So I am a bad family historian but maybe once in a while it makes me a better mom? Well that is the story I am going to tell myself anyway.

 So three weeks ago we had a lovely visit with my friend Chelsey. She stayed here at our house with four of her five kids. We all had a blast. Everyone should have 9 kids 9yrs and under, well okay maybe not but still it worked out really well. We went to the zoo, AC Gilbert House and Omsi. We would love to have them back. She made us dinner and even washed dishes. I know I am a bad friend for letting her do that but well she is the better cook. Still I should have done the dishes.

 Then two weeks ago our church had its annual Vacation Bible School. The three oldest girls had a blast playing games, eating snacks, making crafts, singing songs, and trying to decide if Captain Red Beard goes to our church or not (he is the youth pastor). Hannah, Joseph, and I were in the three year old room. We had a good time also just seemed a little bit like work. Nearly every day after VBS I took a nap. I have a reason that will officially be announced later. Man was I tired I am sure the lady who I helped wondered why I just didn’t go to bed earlier at night.

 My lovely sister Nicole and her daughter Rose have moved in with my mom. So we have gotten to see them a few times which is very fun. Yeah! For aunty and cousin time.

 Now this week Abby and Elizabeth are enjoying Day Camp. Grace loves being the oldest kid at home. She is really stepping up. Now to get her to act like that when everyone is home and we might get a lot more done around here.

 Our biggest and most exciting news of all is that we are expecting number 6 in March. We are very excited. I really wish I had a video camera for when we told the girls. They were so ecstatic. It was way better than Christmas morning. I don’t think I will ever forget the looks on their faces.

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3 Responses to News

  1. Mom says:

    Yeah!!!! I am so glad you did an update!!! And thanks for sharing about your newest little one!! I am so excited to be Grandma to number 14! Congratulations!!!

  2. kmeaston says:

    Woo Hoo! PTL! Congrats on your baby news! Will be praying for you!

  3. crystal dittman says:

    Thank you for this update. I pray God blesses you abundantly Becky all through this very exciting time of waiting for your baby. I love your heart.

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