Beach Trip

When the local schools started we headed out to the beach. We got to stay at Tad’s brothers beach house. We love staying there. I was seriously contemplating becoming a minimalist. The beach house has everything you need and little extra. So nice because it means less clean-up. I’m still thinking about the whole minimalist thing…

This was Joseph’s first time walking on the beach. He ate a lot of sand and loved it. He kept doing belly flops into the sand on purpose. I can’t figure out why he enjoyed that so much but he did.

The girls were in love with this plastic cow. One of the cheese factory workers came over and whispered to me that the Blue Herring Cheese factory had a free petting zoo.

So after we all enjoyed some ice cream we headed over to the Blue Heron French Cheese factory to visit the petting zoo.

These were the crazy animals. I mean where else do you get to see a two-headed goat? The real animals were some of the friendliest petting zoo animals. The baby goats loved us so much they kept escaping their pen. Only the llama made me a little nervous. Even a friendly llama looks like it might spit. I think we will stop there again only to visit the animals.

We had a great vacation. Still when we pulled into our driveway I was very thankful to be home again. Nothing like your own stuff. Oh wait I was going to become a minimalist, Oh well!

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