Ice Skating

Every year in December Tad’s family has a tradition of going ice skating for his sisters’ birthday.  Since last December Elizabeth has been asking to go ice skating for her birthday. So we went ice skating on her birthday. I was really nervous about helping all the kids and keeping my hind end off the ice. I shouldn’t have feared God kept me up. He is so good to me.

Tad’s little sister came and brought her son. It was fun to have a cousin there with us. Tad’s dad also came and watched Joseph after he got to tired to skate. We had a great time. Elizabeth claimed it to be the best day ever. I glad that it was all she had hoped for. I can’t wait to go again but I think I will wait until after the baby is born.

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1 Response to Ice Skating

  1. amanda vital says:

    Wow looks like you had lots of fun! My boys really enjoyed ice skating too, the 2/3 times we’ve taken them… You are so brave taking all of yours though… I only let the older two ice skate, even still they have a hard time staying up without holding my hand, Marcus doesnt have a chance of staying up even with my help so I’ll wait till next year to let him join us on the rink…

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