A Dollar a Day

 I may be crazy. Scratch that I am crazy but I am so excited for my hair brained crazy idea that I am going to share it with you all. We live on a limited budget. Wait doesn’t everyone? Anyway I have been spending more and more every month instead of saving anything for the holidays I have been dipping into our small savings. I need to reverse this bad habit and turn it into a good one.

Another bad habit I have is I am a bit of a food hoard. If you look in any of my cupboards you will see they are pleasingly full. I am really thankful for all the good food God has blessed us with and I want o be a good steward of it. I have decided that I need to use up some of my food storage. I want to save some money that I normally spend.

Here is my plan that I am posting here on this blog of mine for some accountability.

 I am only going to spend a dollar a day per person for food this month.

$210 for the whole month

That’s it no more than that. Don’t think we will be starving by any means remember I have a large stash of food. No I haven’t been stocking up anticipating this crazy idea of mine. I just thought of doing this today. We could probably not spend anything and eat fairly well balanced meals but I do enjoy drinking milk and eating some fresh produce.

I am going to update every Tuesday on my progress with this dollar a day goal. I know I will be buying at least three turkeys from Safeway when they go on sale. I do this every year cook them up and divide it into meal portions and we use that chopped turkey for a lot of meals. I think that will be my biggest challenge as you have to buy $50 of food to get the cheap turkeys. Hmm this is going to be interesting.

Also I have thought of pricing out how much an actual meal costs for a long time. I read about figuring this out in The Tightwad Gazette at least 5 years ago and have never done it. This month I am going to do it. See if it is really cheaper to make bread, cake, pancake mix, etcetera… than buy it? I have always wondered and I have a strong feeling that it is but is it enough to make it worth it with the time it takes?

What do you think? Can I feed a family of seven for $210 for the entire month of November? Want to join me in my dollar a person a day? Do you think I am crazy?

If third world countries can do it maybe we can too.

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4 Responses to A Dollar a Day

  1. Mom says:

    I think you can do it and I know you will eat like a king!! You have always been great that way. I could not do it!! How did you learn these things?? I am your Mom and I can not do it!! I am going to try and eat out of my freezer this month so I have room for the turkeys!! Please keep us posted!! You can teach an old dog new tricks!!! It is possible! I love you!!!!

    • Becky says:

      Well Mom I did learn alot from reading books and magazines on the subject of saving money but I havent heard any new great advice in along time. I am really excited to try to do this but I think I am most excited to know the exact numbers. Proof that I have gone crazy. I am still going to be bringing my normal food stuff to our gatherings so dont think that I will be short changing you.

  2. Charlene says:

    Becky – This is a great idea! It’s always nice to use what you have on hand already and it cleans out your cupboards! Good idea to buy extra turkey’s when they go on sale. I might do that. Although Scott and I eat most of our meals at camp.
    We have the Tightwad Gazette also. It’s fun to look through and read different ideas, although some of them are a little out there! I’ll have to find the book and browse through it again.

  3. fidgeters says:

    Love your idea!!! I think it can be done…let us know how it works out because I would love to do it to!

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