Update on a dollar a day

 I know you all are waiting with baited breath to see how I am doing with my dollar a day a person challenge. I am a little surprised none of you wanted to join me on my adventure but that’s okay because I didn’t really want to feed all of you every day.

 First up is how much does a PB&J sandwich cost? We eat PB&J about 3 times a week for lunch. I made strawberry jam back in June and I also made blackberry jam in August. I don’t know exactly how much I spent on the strawberry jam. I didn’t keep track of it and now I wish I had but since I didn’t I just guessed. I know I bought 6 boxes of pectin, 2 flats of strawberries, and used over 10 pounds of sugar. Ahh! That sounds bad. But I still have 20 jars of jam in the freezer and we have used allot already. I figured the strawberry jam to cost about $.75 for an 18oz jar. The blackberry jam was only $.19 a jar because my only cost was sugar. We picked blackberries out of our field and boiled them with sugar and they make a tasty jam.

Peanut butter whole jar $2.50 or $.17 a serving

Strawberry Jam $ .75 or $.10 a serving

Whole wheat Bread loaf $2.50 or $.22 for two slices

Cheap White bread loaf $1.00 or $.10 for two slices

Cheap bread sandwich cost $.37each or $2.59 to feed the entire family

Whole wheat sandwich cost $.49 each or $3.43 to feed the entire family

 When I told Tad this information he thought that the dollar burgers were a good deal and I being the tightwad that I am thought we should just take sandwich makings with us anytime we might need to eat while were out. I know PB&J isn’t a very exciting mean cost comparison but it is something we eat often and was practical for me. I am working on more of these for myself as I am wondering is it possible to eat for a dollar a day if I didn’t have this stock pile that I do. Right now I am thinking no. But maybe I have a skewed idea of meal costs.

 Now to the real point of this post the grand total of money spent for the month of November on groceries.

Grand Total for November

$ 28.40

 I think I am going to make it under $210 for the entire month. Last week I wasn’t so sure. I kept thinking about the gallon of milk we go through a day and I am not willing to give that up for this challenge.  But I think we just might do it.

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3 Responses to Update on a dollar a day

  1. amanda vital says:

    wow! what a great post. I really like reading this one. I am trying to “cinch the belt” too when it comes to groceries. I want to watch you do your “dollar a day” then I think I’ll write down your ideas you’ve learned and just observe you, then I’ll be brave enough to try. I’ve been really wanting to know exactly how much I spend on each meal and which ones are cheaper… then I’ll make them more. and if there is something that is more expensive, COULD i grow it/ make it from home to make it cheaper. I hope you keep writing lots about this. Thanks.

  2. CeAnne says:

    Just so you know I thought about joining you 🙂 But being that we don’t have hardly any food in ‘storage’ I don’t think I could do it. That would be about$120 a month for us and we spend $400. I use to do $300 a month and then we got rid of debt and settled into a new lifestyle 🙂 It’s harder to tighten the budget when one doesn’t have to.

    Still looking forward to your challange though and you might just inspire something here! The 3 boys (including the big one) eat PB & H every day for lunch. I eat left overs or just snack on something. For a treat on Saturdays we have tuna. Keep keeping us posted!

  3. Kim Cathcart says:

    Way to go Becky!! We found bread was a big expense in our budget. If you don’t have a breadmaker already, this won’t help for the November challenge. We calculated just a few cents of ingredients (max $0.25) per loaf and the rest is savings. (We like wheaty types of bread, averaging $2.50 a loaf.) With the breadmaker, it’s not nearly as time consuming as it sounds. We also use our breadmaker to whip up batches of pizza dough on Friday nights, yielding DELICIOUS homemade pizzas with honey whole wheat crust for a fraction of the cost of ordering pizza from anywhere. We have not yet attempted homemade hamburger/hot dog buns, but that’s another expensive item, with buns running $4 for a bag of 8 hamburger buns. I can’t imagine ingredients being more than $0.25. I think bread products are a tax for the math illiterate. 😛

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