November’s Grand Total

 Here it is Dec. 2nd and I still havent updated my blog. I over spent. Okay there I finally said it. I feel better now thank you. Curious where I over spent at? It was Winco. Yep the cheap store. I needed to spend $50 to get my turkey for 24 cents a pound and I spent a whopping $100. Yes I was depressed. It didn’t help that as the cashier was ringing up my groceries Abby kept saying, “Mom, look you spent too much money.” Umm embarrassing. I honestly thought of asking the cashier to stop but that seemed even worse. The lady had already made rude comments about how many kids I had. So now it looked like I couldn’t afford to pay my bill but really it was just a self-imposed price limit.

 Then I had to go to Costco as Tad was out of coffee and we needed milk for the last two weeks of November still. So I got the coffee and milk I bought 8 gallons of whole milk and other stuff totaling another $50. Yes I spent $150 in one day really when you are feeding this many people it is very easy to do. We don’t usually drink whole milk but I thought for the sake of saving money we would. Doesn’t that make perfect sense to you? No, I didn’t really think that it would make sense but it did help me save money. The whole milk was the same price as the 2% we usually drink so I bought it and froze 5 gallons of it. At home I got out a juice pitcher and added half a gallon of water and half a gallon of whole milk and wala (how do you spell that?) we had twice as much milk as before.  The kids never said anything until a week and half into it Tad asked if I had got skim milk. Umm, no, honey I didn’t.  So I told him what I had done to the milk and he asked for less water which I obliged him. The two oldest girls kept a watchful eye out but kept drinking the milk. The youngest three drank and drank and drank or at least it seems that way to me. Just so you know freezing milk works great as long as you don’t mind that it separates and you get little spots on your glass from the fat. It didn’t bother any of us but I could see it bothering some people.

 After that spendy day I didn’t go into a store again until the day before Thanksgiving. I had to buy French bread to go with my spinach dip and to get cheese which was on a great sale by the way. We were out of cheese and it was all my fault. Bad planning on my part.

So for the month of November I spent a grand total of $233.02 for all seven of us. I over spent $23 or just 77 cents a day or 11 cents a person per day. So over all it was not to bad but still I would have really liked to have come in under budget.

I am still planning on doing more price comparisons of homemade verses packaged. I have just been supper busy which is a whole nother post that will come soon, sooner than the last post, or kinda soonish.

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3 Responses to November’s Grand Total

  1. Megan says:

    Dude, you don’t even want to know what I spend for groceries and I think it is awesome what you are doing! I have what, half the kids? and I spend a lot more for food…but I also don’t have a big freezer which doesn’t help cause most of the freezer space I do have is taken up with goat milk (that stuff freezes just fine, I can’t tell the difference)so I have no room to stock up on sale stuff. Anyway, Oh I wanted to comment about the “so many kids” remark. I get that a lot already with only 3! I think it is because they are sort of close in age? I am not sure. This summer as we were driving to Washington one lady at Burger King said, “Oh, man, you guys are busy. Glad it’s not me.” and she was NOT joking. Jeremiah had to bite his tongue not to say, “Well, I’m glad I’m not old.” It’s only 3 kids! I don’t get it. I also don’t get where people feel they need to comment about it. Mind your own business.

    • Becky says:

      Megan, you really need to get a big freezer. I know yet another big ticket item. I can’t imagine not having a freezer. I often double recipies and freeze half for a busy day. Saves us a ton of fast food trips. I too, am always surprised by people’s rude comments about my many small children always in the childrens hearing. They are not deaf people. Really I am not asking them to take care of them. But what really gets me rilled up are the people in the “church” that think we shouldn’t have so many and yet they claim not to believe in abortion. I do try to remind myself that most people are just curious or can’t imagine living as I do, instead of them just being rude.

  2. CeAnne says:

    You have motivated me to try and reduce our grocery budget this year. We have been spending $400 a month for the 4 of us since our move a year ago. I raised it when we got rid of our debt. We lived on less before and there is no reason not to keep doing it! We could save our money to adopt another kiddo 🙂

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