Becky’s Blunders

  It’s confession time. The original name for my blog was…..Becky’s Blunders. You see I kinda blunder through my days. Always making silly mistakes and breaking things. Once I threw away Tad’s paycheck and had to go dig it out of the trash outside the next day. That’s partly why I always have piles of papers on my counters. I am afraid of throwing out something important. But I digress.

  Yesterday, I boiled a turkey. So in my pressure canner I boiled the majority of a 25lb turkey. In the afternoon I walked through the kitchen and a tackle box of beads fell off the top of the fridge. Strange but whatever and I went on wi  th my day. While reading with Abby, Elizabeth comes upstairs and says, “mom, something is boiling.”

“Yes, dear it’s the turkey, right.”

“No, mom it’s your wallet.”

“Ahhh! Get it out!”

  Elizabeth beat me downstairs and fished out my wallet. She ought to get a prize. My very greasy wet wallet didn’t fare well after being boiled for about an hour. My cards inside fared even worse. Did you know that credit cards warp beyond use and that gift cards shrink like shrink dink? Yep they do. I really wouldn’t lie about this.

   I usually keep my wallet on top of the fridge safely away from small hands who knew that our dinner wanted to get its hand on my wallet too? My mom no longer wants to eat at my house. Maybe you don’t either being warned of things like this happening here.

  Hey maybe this will be a regular feature on my blog. Welcome to the first edition of Becky’s Blunders.

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3 Responses to Becky’s Blunders

  1. Megan says:

    I am laughing so hard right now!!!!

  2. Mom says:

    This is so funny Becky!!! I love the story and I would be a fool not to eat your food. You make some wonderful stuff!!! The good thing is you tell the story so I will know if I should not eat your food that time. LOL

  3. CeAnne says:

    I think we can all relate, I have those days too! Although I have to say yay on the destruction of credit cards…That blunder just saved you the chance to rack up debt ;o) Money saving and you didn’t even know it!

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