2011 Goals

Our pastor is big into setting goals. He preaches about it regularly or at least it sticks out in my mind that way. I like to set goals it helps me accomplish things I wouldn’t do otherwise. So back to our pastor he makes a goal for each year of his life every year and I have been doing the same. No, I don’t make all my goals some I don’t even start but I do get more done than if I didn’t set a goal at all. I have been enjoying reading other people’s goals for the year today so I thought that I would share mine just for fun. Goals for 2011

1. Read thru the entire Bible 1x, New Testament 2x, Proverbs 12x, Psalms 2x

2. Memorize 52 verses

3. Lose weight to —lbs. exact number(did you really think that I was going to give ?)

 4. Get eyes checked and buy new glasses

5. Write out cleaning schedule for new house

6. Date Tad 2x a month

7. Have company 3x a month

 8. 3 older girls learn how to swim

9. Pray for the lost daily

10. Read 12 chapter books to girls

 11. Read 24 book for myself

12. Make and send birthday cards monthly

13. Start a crazy quilt

14. Make homemade taffy

15. Try again making rock candy

16. Once a month have a theme night on a different country

17. Finish Grace and Elizabeth’s baby scrapbooks

18. Make Lydia’s scrapbook to 6 months

19. Plant a garden

20. Can produce

21. Eat beans once a week

22. Update blog 2x a month at least

23. Go to dentist

24. Make 52 pages for family scrapbook

25. Make all 6 kids a homemade gift for Christmas

26. Stay at beach house

27. Save $5,000 for a new vehicle

28. Keep food budget to 2 dollars a day per person

29. $500 for clothing for the family for the year (good to me.I have no idea what we spend on clothes a year and I don’t think that it is this m much as the kids wear almost all hammy downs but the number sounded good to me.)

30. $500 for Christmas (this includes immediate family, extended family, the whole shebang.)

31. 30 meals prepared and in the freezer or canned before March 8th

What are your goals for the New Year?

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6 Responses to 2011 Goals

  1. CeAnne says:

    That is a big list of goals! Although I suppose if I wrote mine all down it would probably be that large… I tend to limit it so I don’t get overwhelmed. Glad to hear you found a new house! Any luck on the job search too?

    I just posted our 2011 goals on our blog http://www.koselfamilytree.blogspot.com if you can’t view it let me know. I upgraded securities on it for adoption purposes. We spend $50 a month on clothing for the 4 of us, it has been that much our 9 years of married life. More kids and it just stays the same. Sometimes I have to change it for a time but it usually works out. And we save $60 a month for gifts (birthday, father/mother’s day/Christmas) which is about $720 a year for all our gift giving. It take’s some creativeness sometimes but it works out in the end!

  2. Chelsey says:

    gotta say I’m impressed I would never hope to achieve even a third of that!

    If I can read my Bible straight through once in the yr. (This is a challenge for me as I always get sidetracked on certain topics) plant my garden and actually do any canning next yr can and keep everyone alive I’ll be thrilled!

  3. Becky says:

    Maybe I did make to many goals but I would rather try for to much than not do anything. I am wondering how all of this is going to work with moving. I have a feeling we might be living out of boxes for along time. If it makes you feel any better I only finished 14 out of 30 goals last year. I too will be thrilled if my kids are fed, the house is somewhat clean, and we do a bit of schooling still I do love being able to check things off as done. Last year I read thru the Bible twice the first time in 88 days I was doing the 90 day reading plan and then it took me the entire rest of the year to finish reading it a second time. I think taking longer to read it I get more out of it but the more I read the more I memorize so those two goals work together.
    Tad wanted the eating beans to be once a month instead of weekly maybe we will eat more for lunch so he doesnt have to eat them. I don’t use beans much outside of mexican food. Need to read my bean cookbook to inspire myself.
    As for the book reading I read that much anyway so maybe it was cheating to put it on here but it could easily get pushed aside.

  4. Sarah says:

    I love your list! I thought *I* was ambitious!

    As of yet the only goal I have made THIS year is to get my house under control (again!) but you have me thinking! Great post.

    The boys and I have been listening to the Bible via online streaming (til my speakers broke… need to buy a new set). That was one of my goals starting last summer (to read thru the Bible with them chronologically IN ONE YEAR).

    We also began memorizing verses in the car together on our way to town. I keep a stash of verses on 3×5 cards in the car. once they can say it with out help, I write their name and the date on the back of it and we start a new one. It will be fun to look back and see what they have learned. And by default I am learning them too. Amazing tho how quickly their little brains learn! I started with the verses that Scott and I learned when we went to Awana as children. and then I added some from Proverbs and Psalms. Occasionally I have thrown in a new one when we are having a specific character problem that I think can be addressed with a verse (they don’t know it this, tho!).

    You started this Becky! Now I am going to have to post about my goals on my blog!

    Hugs sweet friend!


  5. Sarah says:

    On a more serious note, here is my blog post about my new years goals LAST year and the wonderful work God has done in my life over 2010.


  6. Woof! I don’t know if I could keep track of all of that, but if those are things God wants for you, then He will make them all happen! Thanks for sharing!

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