On that fateful November day that I over spent my budget I can home to news that my husband’s job was ending. Truly it was a depressing day but even still I knew and still know that God is in control and none of this surprises Him. So now Tad is officially jobless and we have to move because obviously we aren’t staff anymore and don’t belong in staff housing. I was very worried about how we were going to move without a job and pretty much no savings. Silly me I had forgotten that I serve the living God who loves to do what seem to man as impossible.

 It was Tuesday when we found out about the job on Sunday night we got a phone call. Tad and I happened to pick up at the same time. It was Marty and he informed us that he was glad that we both picked up the phone as he had something to tell us. His parents have a duplex. One side has four bed rooms and has been sitting empty for the last two years. They were in the middle of remolding it when his dad suffered a stroke. Anyway they said we could move in rent free until Tad was able to find a new job. I started crying immediately. I know that Marty told us a lot about the house but I couldn’t hear any of it. All I heard was we had a place to stay. I really was worried we would end up in a homeless shelter. You can laugh but the fear of it was real to me. Okay, I did hear one other thing he said we could have cows there. I remember thinking cows? I just want a safe place for my children to sleep.

After the initial shock of having a place we could move to wore off I felt overwhelmed by the size of this gift. It was too great. They couldn’t do that I could never repay them for their kindness to my family. My mind struggled back and forth we couldn’t possibly accept such an offer I didn’t earn it and then back to gratefulness for God working on their hearts to do this for my family. In this struggle God spoke softly to my heart, didn’t He do something far greater for me in sending His Son to die on the cross for my sins? Of course it was far greater and goes on and on for all eternity and yet how do I respond to His great gift to me? Wow! This is not a lesson I will soon forget nor is it a lesson I want to forget.

I originally thought we would be moving before Christmas but they have ended up doing quite a bit more remodeling to the house than I originally understood. But now we are nearing the end and it looks like in two weeks we will be moving into a four bedroom house with a great layout, tile floors, granite counter tops, and it is on 7 acres.  I am very excited to get moved in and start settling into the place. All these boxes are starting to drive me crazy. I can hardly wait to start setting things up for baby Lydia to join our family.

Though there has been many tears God has been so good to us we actually ended up with three different families saying we could live with them and the offer of my brother-in-law’s beach house until we could get on our feet. Many are the people God has used to comfort and provide for us. I don’t even know how to thank them or God. Truly I am among the most blessed.

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6 Responses to Moving

  1. Emily says:

    How do you spend so little on groceries? We usually spend $250 at least, a month at Costco. And then I often end up getting more produce at Safeway in town every month. I started using cloth diapers and making my own wipes though so that saves us some.

  2. Kristin Easton says:

    We do serve the LIVING GOD and his blessings are more than we can bear at times. Praising the Lord with you!

  3. Mickey says:

    Hey Becky,

    I loved your last post! I am so impressed with your ability to share the gospel in the midst of a difficult time! I am very excited for you and Tad and what this new adventure will bring. However, I am very sad that you will be farther away. I know we aren’t very good at seeing each other but it was nice knowing you were right there! Anyhow, I am praying for you both and really am so proud of how you have fixed your eyes on Jesus! What an example to us all!!! Love, Mick

  4. Mom says:

    I have waited and waited for you to post and still nothing??

  5. Wow, Becky, what a blessing. 🙂

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