Scared of Dresses

I am scared of dresses. Or at lest I am scared of making 5 dresses by Easter. Do you realize that Easter is in four weeks?!? I took my 6 kids to the fabric store yesterday and bought the stuff to make all my girls a dress for Easter. I let them all pick out the fabric they wanted. Well except Lydia but I am sure that she agrees with my choice. Really she does agree with me when I picked it up to show her she grabbed it.

  When we got home I got really scared. I just spent a lot of money and I don’t really know how to sew. I have never put in a  zipper before. Once I made two dresses and I put  buttons on the front. I had never done buttons before either and it wasn’t as hard as I thought that it would be. So I am hoping zippers are the same, not as hard as I think. If you are going to tell that they are even harder than I think you just might need to get over here and help me out.  How about if you know how to sew you just come on over and help me out anyway?

  The fabric is in the drier properly shrinking. And then I am going to iron them. Do you know I don’t iron. Probably if you have seen my family you already knew that. So today I am going to iron more than I have in two years combined. Then tonight when all the darlings are snuggled in bed I am going to cut out the fabric for one dress. I only have to sew one and a fourth dresses a week to get this done in time. I also bought some PUL fabric to make Lydia some new diaper covers and a wet bag.

Oh, I think the drier is done. I better dust off my iron and find my ironing board.

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4 Responses to Scared of Dresses

  1. Lovely fabrics! I recently made little dresses for my two girls (3 and 4yo), with zips at the back – it was really easy and only took a couple of hours each (and that was while looking after the three kids at the same time!) Have a look at my blog for a free tutorial if you like…

    • Becky says:

      Oh Thank you! Thank you so much. Your words of encouragement mean a lot to me. I checked out your tutorial. I think I can make these dresses.

  2. CeAnne says:

    Your sewing habits sound like mine 🙂 Wish I could help but I’m afraid I would need someone to help me! Praying that it goes well for you. The fabric is super cute!!

  3. Mom says:

    Beautiful fabric!! They will be the best dressed girls round! You can do it!! I can not wait to see it done. Good motivation putting it on your blog and facebook to get it done!

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