Mr. Handsome’s First Haircut

While most of America was watching some football game, Oh wait I guess to some the Superbowl is kinda a big deal but don’t hate us just because we aren’t fans. In fact I count myself blessed that my husband doesn’t watch sports on TV.



Today I cut my baby boys hair for the first time. I am not gonna lie I got super chocked up. He has the straightest hair of all my kids at this age but he did have a tiny bit of curl in the back. I am gonna miss that cute little bit of babyhood. He was a very good boy. He sat very still which shocked me.



Funny little side note is I wasn’t the only one sad Mark was getting his hair cut. One nameless older sitter refused to even look at him because I cut his hair off.



Gonna miss his long hair but I am pretty sure he is glad it is out of his eyes.

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1 Response to Mr. Handsome’s First Haircut

  1. Larissa says:

    Good job, mama! Good job, baby Mark, or should I say big boy?

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