Got Pumpkins

We grew a ton of pumpkins this year. We grew both giant and regular pumpkins. We even had volunteer pumpkins growing out of the compost pile. We were pretty happy with how big our giant pumpkins got. I have never had any luck growing them before so I thought they were wonderful.

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They were fun to watch get bigger and bigger. We thought that they were big. That is until we went to Buaman Farms and saw their big pumpkins. It was pretty cool to see the new world record largest pumpkin. Now we think our pumpkins are pretty small. I am not sure I will grow giant pumpkins again next year. They take up a lot of space, but if I do I will probably try harder to get bigger ones by keeping only one pumpkin per plant.
Did you know you can eat giant pumpkins? You can you just roast it up like a regular pumpkin and cook with it the same. I made a pumpkin pie out of it already. One approximately 100 pound pumpkin made 18 quarts of puree.

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1 Response to Got Pumpkins

  1. Yum – you could make a ton of pumpkin pie out of a 100 lb pumpkin!!! This looks like so much fun. Love the family pictures!
    Amy @

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