Aboundantly: because my abundant blessings abound all around me and Happily so.

Blessed: Happy; Prosperous in worldly affairs; enjoying spiritual happiness and the favor of God;  enjoying heavenly felicity.

Noah Webster Dictionary 1828

I am a homeschooling mom. Keeper of my home and gardener in my yard. I love books. Chocolate is my good friend. I enjoy Tex-Mex food.

Counting all my many blessings. Hopefully they will encourage you to do the same.

Happily Married for 11 years to the Tad. Which is such a big blessing that I cant number it.

Blessing #1 – 9 yr Girl creator of art.

Blessing #2 – 8 yr Girl makes everyone feel loved.

Blessing #3 – 6 yr Girl Animal lover.

Blessing #4 – 4 yr Girl mother of all.

Blessing #5 – 2yr Boy loves all things dirt, preferably mud.

Blessing #6– 8month Girl delight of our life

You can contact me at aboundantlyblessed@gmail.com

2 Responses to About

  1. Kristin Easton says:

    How cool? Have been thinking about doing this too. Has been on my mind a lot lately actually. Maybe you are the encouragement I needed. How did you do this? Was it free?

    • beckyherold says:

      Yes it was free. WordPress.com and Blogspot.com both have free blog hosting. It was easy. and my dial up can handle it better than FB. Let me know if you do start a blog.

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