Got Pumpkins

We grew a ton of pumpkins this year. We grew both giant and regular pumpkins. We even had volunteer pumpkins growing out of the compost pile. We were pretty happy with how big our giant pumpkins got. I have never had any luck growing them before so I thought they were wonderful.

fall2014 118fall2014 028fall2014 032 fall2014 023

They were fun to watch get bigger and bigger. We thought that they were big. That is until we went to Buaman Farms and saw their big pumpkins. It was pretty cool to see the new world record largest pumpkin. Now we think our pumpkins are pretty small. I am not sure I will grow giant pumpkins again next year. They take up a lot of space, but if I do I will probably try harder to get bigger ones by keeping only one pumpkin per plant.
Did you know you can eat giant pumpkins? You can you just roast it up like a regular pumpkin and cook with it the same. I made a pumpkin pie out of it already. One approximately 100 pound pumpkin made 18 quarts of puree.

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2014 Summer List

058 While we school year round we still take time to have some summer fun. We try to check off everything from our summer list between Memorial Day and Labor Day. We start next weekend. Bring on the FUN!

What fun things are you doing this summer?

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Snow Ice Cream

While I have heard of snow ice cream before. I have never eaten any before and I probably shouldn’t have tried it. I did though and it is YUMMY! Good thing it rarely snows here.

feb 2014 010

4 quarts fluffy snow
2 C. Heavy cream
1 C. Sugar
1 t vanilla

Mix Cream, sugar, and Vanilla. Then slowly fold in snow. Enjoy!

feb 2014 014

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Mr. Handsome’s First Haircut

While most of America was watching some football game, Oh wait I guess to some the Superbowl is kinda a big deal but don’t hate us just because we aren’t fans. In fact I count myself blessed that my husband doesn’t watch sports on TV.



Today I cut my baby boys hair for the first time. I am not gonna lie I got super chocked up. He has the straightest hair of all my kids at this age but he did have a tiny bit of curl in the back. I am gonna miss that cute little bit of babyhood. He was a very good boy. He sat very still which shocked me.



Funny little side note is I wasn’t the only one sad Mark was getting his hair cut. One nameless older sitter refused to even look at him because I cut his hair off.



Gonna miss his long hair but I am pretty sure he is glad it is out of his eyes.

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Happy 12th Birthday!

A trip to the mall. Pierced ears, legos, books, and yarn. Crafts, cake, and ice cream.

Legal to babysit. Growing up and still my baby.

  Love you sweet girl!

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2014 Goals

Here are my goals for 2014. Some are lofty goals like dishes and getting all that scrapbooking done. Some of my goals I do in the year anyway. I like to write down goals. I am more likely to accomplish things if I write it down and yes, getting to cross something off is highly motivational for me. For the most part I don’t feel bad when I don’t finish a goal. I know I put more than is probably humanly possible but that is the point to push myself harder than I would normally. No matter what the Lord brings our way this year I am determined to grow. Happy New Year!

Goals for 2014
1. Read Bible 2 times
2. Memorize 50 Verses
3. Exercise at least 4 times a week for 30 min.
4. Read 50 books
5. Take kids to Multnomah Falls
6. Mark’s 1st year scrapbook
7. Lydia’s 1st year scrapbook
8. Joseph’s 1st year scrapbook
9. 2013 Family scrapbook
10. 2012 Family Scrapbook
11. 2011 Family Scrapbook
12. 2010 Family Scrapbook
13. Lose weight to 130
14. Date Tad twice a month
15. Have Company twice a month
16. Take dinner to someone once a month
17. Memorize 50 states and capitals
18. Preserve 600 Quarts of food
19. Attend 5 corporate prayers
20. Deep Clean house in Jan and July
21. Do a once a month cooking
22. Put $300 in savings a month for $3,600 total
23. Do craft Project with the kids once a month
24. Play board game with kids once a month
25. Go fishing 10 times
26. Run a 5k
27. Learn to play chess
28. Send Birthday card to all nieces and nephews
29. Finish all mending
30. Start a quilt with Tads Old Shirts
31. Sleep outside or camp 2 nights
32. Date each kid twice in year
33. Read a digital photography book
34. Sew 4 diaper covers
35. Plan trip to central OR for 2015
36. Butcher and eat 10 chickens
37. Make a picture ornament of each kid for each Christmas
38. Finish all dishes before bedtime
39. Sew advent bags
40. Blog once a week

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A Little of What We Did in 2013

I just got a review of my blog for 2013. Wow! I managed just one post. So here is a second one. I didn’t write a Christmas letter so this is it.

In January Tad and the kids ice skated. dec12-April13 064
In febuary we added this sweet boy to the family. We all love, Love, LOVE him.

dec12-April13 137In May Lydia enjoyed alot of frosting. dec12-April13 052Then we enjoyed a stay at the beach.summer2013 048Next we had county fair. The four older girls all showed their rabbits and lots of other things in the exhibit hall. Abby got Champion in Poetry.DSCN0429DSCN0487DSCN0499Elizabeth had fun dressing up at fair.DSCN0431The kids had a vegetable stand. They actually made some money enough to take us to the movies. We spent alot of time in the garden this past summer. Wore some people out.DSCN0633august 2013 005

Mark turned 6m.DSCN0644

We started school back up in full force in September. I decided we are going to work on how to take a group picture this year.DSCN0172In October we finished up the garden. We still had a lot of tomatitos and green tomatoes. I finished preserving for the year. 588 quarts total. We also we to the zoo.DSCN0403DSCN0295

In December we have enjoyed some snow, Christmas, and finally getting over the flu.098We were very blessed in 2013. We are looking forward to the new adventures 2014 will bring us.

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